Products & Manufacturers

We are proud to be working with international, expert and approved companies, organizations and institutions. Our product range is therefore represented by divergent suppliers. Below you will find an overview of suppliers Krupa Marine sells and installs products from.

1.       Autronica (Fire-Gas detection)
2.       RKI (Gasdetection)
3.       Tanktech (Tanklevelmonitoring, UTI’s)
4.       BW (Gas detection)
5.       Consilium (Fire-Gas detection)
6.       Crowcon (Gas detection)
7.       Daihatsu (Oil Mist Detection for engine crankcase)
8.       Deckma (15 PPM Monitors)
9.       Draeger (Fire-Gas detection- Tubes)
10.    Fellow-Kogyo (15 PPM Monitors)
11.    Hanla Level (Gas detection, tank level monitoring)
12.    Honeywell Enraf Tanksystems (Tank level monitoring, UTI’s)
13.    Gastec (Gas detection tubes)
14.    GME (Alarm monitoing and protection)
15.    GMI (Gasdetection)
16.    Graviner (Oil Mist Detection for engine crank case)
17.    Green Instruments (Inert gas analyzers, Ambient Oil Mist Detection, Nox/O2 Analyzers, Smoke Density Monitoring)
18.    Jowa (Oil Discahrge Monitors, 15 PPM Monitors)
19.    Musasino (Tanklevel monitoring)
20.    MMC (Tanklevelmonitoring, UTI’s)
21.    MSA (Gasdetection- Tubes)
22.    Nakakita ( Pneumatic Temperature, pressure and level control)
23.    OMC (Pneumatic Temperature, pressure and level control)
24.    Omicron (Gasdetection, Tanklevel monitoring)
25.    Panasia (Gasdetection, Tanklevel monitoring/alarming, Ballast Water Treatment Systemen)
26.    QMI (Oil Mist Detection for engine crankcase)
27.    RAE (Gasdetection-Tubes)
28.    Recom (Gasdetection)
29.    RTE (15 PPM Monitors en Oil Discharge Monitors)
30.    Salwico (Fire-Gasdetection)
31.    Scansense (Temperature and Pressure Calibration Equipment)
32.    Schaller (Oil Mist Detection for engine crankcase)
33.    Seres (Oil Discharge Monitors)
34.    Servomex (Inert Gas Analyzers)
35.    Totem Plus (Alarm monitoring, Voyage Data Recorders, BNWAS, ECDIS)
36.    Toka Seiki ( Gas detection)
37.    TQ Environmental (Gas detection)
38.    Tyco (Fire detection)
39.    VAF-Instruments ( Viscosity Control Systems, Oil Discharge Monitors, Flow meters)
40.    Furuno – Navigation Equipment
41.    JRC – Navigation Equipment