Automation & Calibration

We can offer you a complete solution for all your Maine calibration automation and Instrumentation needs. Below is our general list of services but not limited,

·         Oil Discharge Monitoring & Control Systems (ODME)
·         Fixed Gas Detection Systems
·         15ppm Bilge Alarm Monitors & Oily Water Separators
·         Gas Analyzers / Toxic Gas Monitoring systems
·         Tank Level Gauging Systems
·         Vapour Emission Control Systems
·         Oil Mist Detection Systems for Engine crankcase & Atmospheric
·         Draught & Ballast level monitoring systems
·         Fire Alarm Systems
·         Process Control loops / systems (Pneumatic & Electronic)
·         Cargo tank & Cargo Pumps Temperature Monitoring Systems
·         Manifold Pressure Monitoring Systems
·         Integrated/ Engine Room Alarm Systems
·         Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System (BNWAS)
·         Inert Gas Control Systems
·         Boiler control systems

We undertake shipyard, Anchorage, On voyage, Offshore repairs and commissioning activities

Calibration Services
We offer a complete range of calibration programs of marine approved temperature, pressure, gas detection instruments and more.
  • Gas Meters
          Toxic, Explosive & Oxygen, Single & Multi-personal gas meters, Breath Alcohol Monitors
  • Ullage Temperature Interface
  • Electrical
          Millimeters, Loop calibrators, Insulation tester, Power clamp meters Function generators etc
  • Pressure
          Test gauges, Controllers, Transmitters, Regulators, Petitioners, Control Valves etc
  • Temperature
          Master Calibrators, Controllers, Transmitters, Switches, Indicators, Thermometers etc.